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And here are the tea blends I've made at Adagio!
My most popular set is the Pacific Rim one.

13th February 2013

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WEIRD, USA teas now available!!

A series of four teas based on the novel series written by my awesome friend, Angie B.

Charlie Hawthorne—   a blend of spicy, fiery teas for the resident tattooed mechanic.  Ben’s twin seems nothing like him, in looks or temperament, but there is love there (even if Charlie would give you the Biggest Eyeroll Ever for bringing it up).   ;)    Green chai, gunpowder, and cinnamon, with a couple of scoops of ginger added in.

Benjamin Hawthorne—  The more sedate, responsible one— though it’d be easy for anyone to look sedate and responsible next to Charlie— Ben isn’t without his own quirks.  While it’s Charlie’s idea to spend some of their inheritance on a road trip, it’s Ben’s idea to do things the way their late uncle would’ve wanted … going to odd, out of the way places, looking for the “weird and little-known”.   Rooibos caramel, rooibos almond, and tiger eye.

Olivia Nettles—  Olivia, friends with the twins since childhood, gets dragged into all this as a much-better alternative to a quarter-life crisis.  Her plan was to travel to India with her boyfriend over the summer, but when the boyfriend clears out, leaving her nothing but a note, Charlie and Ben swoop in to salvage things.  White tropics, tangerine, and mango melange, with added dashes of apple pieces, rose hips, and marigold flowers.

Extra tea:  “Road Trip!"—  A fun blend of wild strawberry, lemongrass, and spearmint, accented with lemon balm.

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